So, the Google Phone, Gphone, GP or whatever you want to call it, at least we now know what kind of an OS it’s going to have. But what about the device itself? What is that going to be like? That’s the million-dollar question isn’t it? But here’s what we’ve heard so far through the grapevine. There are apparently five prototypes designed to house the Android OS for Google. As we heard, the models were going to be called the ‘Dream’ phones that were going to be developed by HTC. According to Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO, they plan to launch a commercial version of the phone sometime in the second quarter of next year.

Rumor has it that one of the designs could be the HTC Omni as a few of the specs that were revealed do seem to fit the bill. According to those specs the Gphone would have a 3x5 inch long display, probably a swivel or slide out QWERTY keyboard. It would also have a rather unique touch sensitive screen. According to Unwired view, the screen would actually have a time-sensitive touch screen wherein, depending on how long you keep a portion pressed it would expand. These specs already seem to be part of the Omni’s make up. Of course nothing is conclusive, so once again it’s mere speculation. I guess we’ll have to wait and watch.

Source : tech2