September 21, 2013

Samsung might be getting ready to launch the new Galaxy Note III along with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch but the rumour mills have already moved on. New leaks are now talking about the Galaxy S5 smartphone. According to a report in the South Korean Electronic Times News the Galaxy S5 will come with a 16 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilisation technology (OIS). Currently the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with a 16-megapixel camera with a zoom lens. The report on the Korean website also states that the Samsung Galaxy Note III’s camera will not have OIS technology even though Samsung initially wanted to launch the device with the feature.

According to the report, Samsung expects to finish developing the new camera module by the end of 2013 and will begin testing it in smartphones next year.

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They've got the yacht, they've got the sports car, they've got the cryogenic freezing chamber and even a secret moon base. When money is not an option, what do you grab the billionaire who has it all?

A swarovski diamond encrusted smartphone of course! Why, yes! Fly in the face of fashion with these garishly garnished and stupendously expensive phones that not only make calls, but can also act as a down-payment on a reasonably sized mansion on the French Riviera.

checkout below  the world's ten most expensive mobile phones.

10 – Bang and Olufsen Serene

In at ten is the actually rather stylish Bang and Olufsen Serene, priced at 
£675. I actually quite like the sleek number key ring, and the fact that this clamshell 
phone saves you the inconvenience have having open it yourself thanks to a little built
 in motor. You'll note however that the more expensive the phones get, the f'uglier they 
get too.

9 – The Gresso

A round £1,000 will grab you the Gresso. Made of gold and African Blackwood, there are five different models available, each with a little individual flair from the Italian design team.

8 – Mobiado Professional EM

This is another one on the list that I actually quite like; the £1,027 Mobiado Professional. Another wood build, it's mix of natural materials and titanium buttons give it a sort of 50's retro chic. It also features a camera, FM radio and Bluetooth connection, though you'll struggle to find one of the handsets as only 200 were ever made.

7 – Nokia 8800 Gold Edition

The £1,500 Nokia 8800 Gold Edition featured in Spandau Ballet's video 
for their hit single “Gold”. No, not really. Just kidding with you. Mobile phones back in 
the 80's were so new back then they bordered on witchcraft. If you ever did see one from
 back then, they were about the size of railway sleeper too, and I doubt there's enough 
gold in the entire world to make a luxury phone that size.

6 – Motorola V220 Special Edition

OK, getting into big money territory now with the £28,000 Motorola 
V220 Special Edition. Designed by famed Austrian fashion maestro Peter Aloisson, 
it is covered in 1,200 diamonds and is made out of 18 carat gold

5 – Vertu Diamond

Here's a British entry to the list, the £50,000 Vertu Diamond. Built 
from Platinum and encrusted with diamonds, the Vertu phones have one really sweet 
feature that none of the others on this list do: a concierge button. Hit it, and you're 
connected to your personal phone bound servant who'll do everything but the washing 
up for you

4 – Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Perhaps the most reasonably designed phone on the list is the £162,000 Sony Ericsson Black Diamond. Made from materials including diamonds, titanium and polycarbonate, it's actually a reasonable phone in it's own right, with a Wi-Fi connection, camera and the Windows Mobile OS onboard.

3 - Vertu Signature

If Jafar, the evil wizard in Disney's Aladdin, had a mobile phone, he'd probably opt for the £167,000 Vertu Signature. With a snake shaped grip along it's outer edge, it's crammed with pear cut diamonds, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. There are only 8 in the world, though a cheaper version is also widely available. Well, we say cheaper. It's still £62,000, so a bit out of reach of our paper-round wages then

2 – Goldvish

Right, this one is just ridiculous. And bloody ugly to boot. Take a gander at the Goldvish, costing a whopping £540,000. We're guessing from it's shape and 
name that it's meant to resemble a fish of some sort, though why anyone would 
want a fish-shaped phone is anyone's guess. I've also never seen a fish made of 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds.

1 – iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose edition

And the winner of the coveted “Most Expensive Phone Ever” title goes 
to the iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose edition. With a handmade platinum bezel, 183 .75 
flawless diamonds and 112 grams of 18 carat gold, its the most lavish phone ever 
made. It also has an app for everything, apparently. The best bit? It comes with a wallet
 made out of ostrich foot. No, seriously. It's cost? A stonking £1,930,000.

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