EmoticonShortcut codeNotes
Shark(^^^)Shark with sharp teeth out.
Penguin<(")Penguin looking to the left.
Robot:|]Robot face. 
Happy:)A happy smiley face. 
Sad:(A sad and frowning smiley... 
Tongue:PSticking tongue out. 
Grin:DA big grin and laughing. 
Shocked:OShocked and surprised. 
NerdB)Nerdy smiley with glasses. 
CoolB|Cool smiley wearing... 
Upset>:(Upset and angry. 
Unsure:/Unsure or doubtful emoticon. 
Crying:'(Crying emoticon with tears..
Devil3:)Laughing devil emoticon. 
AngelO:)A blushing angel with a halo. 
Kiss:* sending a kiss and a... 
Heart<3A red heart emoticon. 
Keke^_^Kekeke happy emoticon. 
Bored-_-Annoyed, sighing or bored. 
Confusedo.OConfused or WTF emoticon. 
Angry>:OUpset, angry or shouting... 
Pacman:vA Pacman emoticon. 
Cat:3Cat faced smiley. 
Putnam:putnam:Christopher Putnam