October 19, 2007

Cell phones are essentially "radios." They communicate to the world by transmitting and receiving voice through cell towers setup throughout the area. And a carrier's coverage is a network of cell sites, each with a tower and base station controller for a range of about 10 square miles.

From a carrier's standpoint, great coverage comes at various technological expenses and certain restrictions that are out of their control. For instance, each provider is limited by the FCC to a number of frequencies it can use in any given city.

Given a limited number of frequencies available in the spectrum, in order to sustain the capacity needed for urban coverage, frequency reuse is required.

To put it into an extreme example, if there was only one tower covering all of New York City, only a limited amount of simultaneous users could use that tower at once due to FCC regulations, say 100 frequency slots. Thus, 100 users at once could use it.

Conversely, if each house had its own tower, 100 users would be able to talk on their cell phones simultaneously in each house. Since each tower now only has a few feet to cover, power consumption is greatly lowered. Once a guest walks to a neighbor's apartment, the current tower would hand off the user to the next tower, freeing up a spot of another person.

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Describes a communications medium capable of transmitting a relatively large amount of data over a given period of time. A descriptive term for evolving digital technologies that offers integrated access to voice, high-speed data service, video-demand services, and interactive delivery services.

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Sony Ericsson in collaboration with NTT DoCoMo is launching a “scent phone” . The SO703i comes with an aroma sheet with a variety of 11 scents including "Apple Pie".

The scents are released from a replaceable strip located near the central hinge which are guaranteed to work for 3 months. After that you simply replace the old scent strip with a new one.

Source : trendhunter

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Yahoo! India, a leading provider of comprehensive online products and services to consumers and businesses in India today announced the launch of oneSearch SMS, the company’s latest search offering in the mobile space for Indian consumers.

How oneSearch SMS works

With the launch of oneSearch SMS in India, Yahoo! is enabling all mobile users to search for almost any content through its 58242 short code. For example:

· SMS to 58242 with the city name (e.g. Mumbai) returns back the weather
· SMS to 58242 with the company name (e.g. Infosys) returns back the stock quote
· SMS to 58242 with a business name or category and a location (e.g. Pubs Mumbai) returns back the name, address, and phone number of the local business. Up to 3 business listings are provided for each search query with the ability to ask for more by sending an “m”. Local business listings are currently available across the 4 big metros of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.
· SMS to 58242 with a news topic (e.g. Eklavya in Oscars) returns back a news article

Source : Indiaprwire

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How about an SMS that has all the emotions of a voice call, not to mention the convenience of a normal text message? Well, it’s for real. Welcome to the age of voice SMS or talking SMS, a new value-added service (VAS) that is being offered in the country by both CDMA and GSM operators, starting this April.

A talking SMS enables the user to record his or her voice and send it across like a simple text message, and the user can retrieve it at his leisure. Sending a voice SMS is as simple as sending a text message. The only difference is that instead of keying in the text, the subscriber would have to record his message and forward it.

The service is similar to a voice mail and can be retrieved by dialing a designated number. But unlike a voice mail, the message would be short (of around 20-30 seconds) and is treated as an SMS. This means it is not metered, like a voice call or mail. The service is expected to be a hit, as the charges are on par with that of an SMS.

The operator would install the technology and equipment for the service at his end, resulting in no additional cost to the user.

Source : IMIMobile

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Jamba has selected IMImobile, the world’s leading mobile value added services provider, to manage its new global mobile content services.

Jamba joins Airtel, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless and Google on IMImobile’s impressive client roster and so benefiting from the company’s managed VAS infrastructure services. As the enabler of worldwide content management services for Jamba, IMImobile will power content delivery to Jamba's global subscribers managed out of IMImobile’s VAS Network Centre (VNOC) in Hyderabad. IMImobile will be responsible for managing Jamba’s new mobile services including the multi-million dollar ring tone Crazy Frog ; hugely popular with the youth market. IMImobile was selected ahead of other leading global telecom suppliers through a stringent RFP process.

With Portals and Mobile Operators facing increasing operating complexities and spiraling costs when it comes to deploying value added service (VAS) platforms, IMImobile managed services model is proving very attractive. IMImobile offers robust service delivery platforms and bespoke content management systems with 24/7 technical support. Services provided by these platforms include interactive portals, community and user generated content applications, caller ring back tone and video streaming.

Source : IndiaPRwire.com

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According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Google is working on a search engine designed to help users find mobile content such as ringtones, games, wallpapers and other paid content.

The WSJ said Google's new service would provide mobile phone users with a list of companies that provide a desired item, and Google would make money by charging companies for high placement on the list. The report said Google has been working on the project for months with unspecified content providers, but has run into some technical delays.

The Internet company is also considering the inclusion of a social-networking component that would let users of the company's Gmail email service exchange content. Overall, the service would work much like the Google Product Search service, formerly known as Froogle.

WSJ further reported, "Google's plans to broker the sale of mobile content like ringtones and games could become a threat to large cellphone operators like Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc., especially if Google enables customer payment through eBay Inc.'s PayPal or its own online Checkout service. The operators have built their own storefronts to sell such material, and they would prefer to hold on to consumers' attention and spending. If billing goes through the carriers instead, appearing on customers' monthly bills, carriers could actually benefit because they usually get a significant cut of such transactions

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Digital Chocolate was the winner of the Best Games Developer award in the second annual Mobile Entertainment Awards last night, which took place at The Brewery in London.

The other mobile games-related award up for grabs was Best Games Publisher, which was won this year by EA - pipping a large number of other nominated companies, including I-Play, Gameloft and THQ Wireless.

The Mobile Entertainment awards recognise a wide range of mobile-related entertainment subjects, including music, film and adult entertainment.

Other winners included Nokia for Best Handset Company, and Google for Best Search Provider.

source : mobileindustry.biz

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Gameloft has picked up the rights to publish games based on the hit TV franchise CSI.

The publisher is teaming with CBS Mobile to develop multiple games, with the first, CSI: Miami, due for release in the US today.

"We are thrilled to welcome CBS as a partner and look forward to a long term relationship," said Gonzague de Vallois, vice president of Gameloft.

"The CSI franchise set the bar for primetime crime drama television by engaging viewers on all levels. The mobile games will expand the CSI storyline into a fun and interactive experience."

"A mobile game adaptation of a CSI series is the perfect complement for a franchise with a fan base that watches the show with such a high level of engagement and interest in interactivity," added Anthony Zuiker, executive producer and creator of CSI.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Gameloft and are confident in their expertise to capture the essence of CSI and translate it into a quality mobile game."

source : mobileindustry.biz

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The T250i has a built-in FM radio. And you also get a stereo headset in the kit. Tune in and enjoy music and news as you please.

Take a picture with the T250i camera. Store it in your in-phone album and view on the TFT screen. Or add some text and send as a picture message

Switch to speakerphone to activate the loudspeaker. Now you can use your phone hands-free, and it’s an easy way to share a conversation with others.

Integrated camera
Built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features.

Alarm clock
Need to get up at a certain time? Got an event you can’t miss? Set the time and your phone alarm signal will ring to remind you.

Take a picture of where you are, record or write a greeting and send to any MMS-capable phone or email address. Send pictures, text and sound.

Predictive text input
Write text messages with fewer clicks. Your phone anticipates the word you're writing and finishes it for you.

Pre-installed games
Unpack, turn on and play. Fun games are embedded in your phone, so there’s always something to amuse you when you’re at a loose end.

Specifications :- Sizes * 100 x 45 x 13 mm * 3.9 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches Weight * 82 g * 2.9 oz Available colours Aluminium Silver Aluminium Black Screen * 65,536-colour TFT * 128x160 pixel Networks * GSM 900 * GSM 1800 Performance Talk time: Standby time: Video call: GSM 900 7 hours 300 hours - GSM 1800 7 hours 300 hours -

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Sony Ericsson launched the P1i to build on its range of P Series handsets. The P1i boasts of having push email features. Apparently, it also delivers on the multimedia front. But can it level above the P990i? Read on to find out.

Sony Ericsson P1i handset, Stereo headset (Standard Sony Ericsson), 1GB M2 Sony memory, USB cable, Carry pouch, Cradle, Extra stylus, Charger, CD and manual

Network: UMTS/GSM 900/GSM 1800/GSM 1900

Sizes: 106x55x17 mm
Weight: 124 grams
Screen: 2.6" 262K color LCD touchscreen (240x320 pixels)

Operating System: Symbian 9.1 UIQ 3.0
Battery: 1120 mAh

Turn ons
Symbian 9.1 OS, 3.2 MP autofocus Camera, Jog Dial navigation, MP3 Player with Walkman features, 3G Ready, Blackberry connectivity

Turn offs
A bit slow, No EDGE

Build & Design

The Sony Ericsson P1i has a rock solid image. The phone is well built and seems like it can take a fall or two easily. The phone is a mix-n-match of materials. On the face of the phone there's brushed steel enveloping the edges, while on the back, its silver

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Nokia is planing to launch of new Sliding Beauty Nokia 6500 In the third quarter of 2007.
As Previous Experiences of nokia Mobiles i Am Sure the all over the world will accept its quality and realizability So wait and see what will you get more from this new upcoming phone

Key Features of This Phone is As Follow:- Take high quality pictures with a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics,
auto focus and 8 x digital zoom A powerful double LED flash makes even indoor pictures perfect

Add a new dimension to your conversation with 3G TV video calling
and TV conference via TV-Out 3G video calling helps you feel even closer to the people you care about

Large 2.2" display with 16.7 million colors makes sure all your images look perfect

Horizontal mode with capture and zoom keys, allows you to use the phone like
you would use a digital camera Connect directly to Flickr website to share your
photos with all your friends Share pictures or videos with friends and family via TV-Out

Advanced handsfree communication : Once paired with a compatible phone, the Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-15W enables your to browse the contact list and make phone calls even your phone is in your pocket. Best of all, it‘s seamless: the Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-15W uses wireless Bluetooth technology to link up with your compatible mobile phone at the moment you turn the ignition key or press the hook key of the input device.

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