How about an SMS that has all the emotions of a voice call, not to mention the convenience of a normal text message? Well, it’s for real. Welcome to the age of voice SMS or talking SMS, a new value-added service (VAS) that is being offered in the country by both CDMA and GSM operators, starting this April.

A talking SMS enables the user to record his or her voice and send it across like a simple text message, and the user can retrieve it at his leisure. Sending a voice SMS is as simple as sending a text message. The only difference is that instead of keying in the text, the subscriber would have to record his message and forward it.

The service is similar to a voice mail and can be retrieved by dialing a designated number. But unlike a voice mail, the message would be short (of around 20-30 seconds) and is treated as an SMS. This means it is not metered, like a voice call or mail. The service is expected to be a hit, as the charges are on par with that of an SMS.

The operator would install the technology and equipment for the service at his end, resulting in no additional cost to the user.

Source : IMIMobile